The Year of the Flood

Added October 25, 2016
  • The Year of the Flood
  • Margaret Atwood
  • McClelland and Stewart, Canada, 2009

the-year_-of_-the_-flood_-front_-cover_ Canadian literary superstar Margaret Atwood wrote The Year of the Flood as a sort of sequel to Oryx and Crake, but it is actually more of a companion novel.

Her tour to promote the book included a choral group singing some of the hymns written by ‘God’s Gardeners’, characters from The Year of the Flood.

Atwood has won many, many awards for her writing and, according to Wikipedia, she holds honorary degrees from sixteen universities. the-year_-of_-the_-flood_-signature

This signed book is the Canadian and true first edition, and it is in fine/fine condition. It was bought at one of Atwood’s dramatic readings and came with several pamphlets and bookmarks reporting on current ecological crises.

Bloomsbury of London put out a signed, limited edition slipcased edition, and since Atwood was in Britain when the novel first came out, some of the regular first Bloomsbury editions were signed and dated before any of the Canadian first editions could have been, and that has created some confusion over which edition is really the true first.

However, let me clear up any uncertainty — the Canadian McClelland and Stewart hardcover really is the true first edition.

the-year_-of_-the_-flood_-copy_ Interestingly, this confusion seems to have affected prices for the three editions I listed above: the Canadian true first; the signed and slipcased British edition; and the signed and dated British first. Normally, the true first holds the highest value, but in this case all three can be found for about the same price.

So, if you are thinking of buying one, you should check out the different cover art to see which you like the best. You will find that the British and the North American covers are quite different. If you like the North American cover art and you want a copy for substantially less, go for the U.S. Nan A. Talese first edition.

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