The Return — ARC

Added October 28, 2011
  • The Return — ARC
  • Roberto Bolano
  • New Directions, New York, 2000

Here is the advance review copy of The Return, Bolano’s second book of short stories and his 11th book to be translated into English.

From Publishers Weekly: ”The stories have a subdued quality, from underworld confessionals like ‘Snow’ and ‘Joanna Silvestri’ to tender reminiscences like ‘Cell Mates’ and the heart-breaking missed romance of ‘Clara’. Devotees of Bolano will recognize the writer’s merciless and often humorous fusion of high art and dark human nature in small flights like ‘Meeting with Enrique Lihn’ and comic bloodbaths like ‘William Burns’. “

Booklist says, “The late Bolaño, a Chilean writer whose posthumous reputation only grows as more of his works are translated into English, practiced the short story and the novel with equal genius.”

the-return-arc_-copy_ This copy is in fine condition. These advance review copies are now extremely hard to find. There are none for sale today on any of the major used book websites. Still, on the odd occasion these do show up, they are usually pretty reasonably priced — say $25 to $75. The value remains lower because first hardcover editions can still be found new in bookstores. But when the hardcover is no longer available, the value of these proof copies should rise dramatically.


Of interest is the back cover of this book. There are a couple of reviews, a note about the translator, Chris Andrews, and at the bottom, some interesting marketing information. Andrews, by the way, has translated most of Bolano’s smaller works of fiction. He has won a couple of major awards for his Bolano translations, as noted in this back cover blurb.

Another note of interest: New Directions only does a single printing of the hardcover versions of Bolano’s fiction. All subsequent editions are paperback.

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