The Piano Man’s Daughter

Added August 20, 2012
  • The Piano Man’s Daughter
  • Timothy Findley
  • Harper Collins, Canada, 1995

the-piano_-mans_-daughter-front_-cover_ Openly gay Canadian writer Timothy Findley was nominated for the Giller Prize for this novel, which was adapted into a made-for-TV movie in 2003. Ten years before this book was published, he was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada.

He was a founding member of the Writer’s Union of Canada and president of the Canadian chapter of Pen International. He won many awards for his writing.

The Piano Man’s Daughter is a compelling story about a young man who is trying to unravel the history of his family as a way to discover the identity of his father. It takes place just before World War II. the-piano_-mans_-daughter-copy_

This is the true first edition and it is in fine/fine condition. It is signed only, not inscribed to someone as most of Findley’s autographed books are. This places it at the top of the price range. The high end of the price range for fine signed copies of this novel is the-piano_-mans_-daughter-signature about $90 today on-line. Inscribed copies go for as low as $25.

Findley, who died in 2002, was an excellent writer and playwright. He won a Governor General’s Award for his most successful play, Elizabeth Rex. I feel his novels are undervalued and deserve a wider audience, but for now you can pick up signed first editions of most of his books for not too much more than the price of a new hardcover.


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