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Brokeback Mountain

Added on August 9, 2016

Brokeback Mountain Annie Proulx Fourth Estate, U.K. 1998 This Fourth Estate edition came out in 1998, less than a year after the story first appeared in the New Yorker magazine. In 1999 it was included in Proulx’s short story collection Close Range – Wyoming Stories. Brokeback Mountainwon an O. Henry Award and a National Magazine [...]

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The Strange Library

Added on October 17, 2015

The Strange Library Haruki Murakami Harvill Secker, London, 2014 The Strange Library is a strange book indeed. Here’s a blurb taken directly from the Haruki Murakami website, “A lonely boy, a mysterious girl, and a tormented sheep man plot their escape from the nightmarish library of internationally acclaimed, best-selling Haruki Murakami’s wild imagination.” And from [...]

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Franny and Zooey

Added on November 14, 2014

Franny and Zooey J.D. Salinger Little, Brown and Company, New York, 1961 Franny first came out in 1955 in the New Yorker magazine. Zooey would appear in the New Yorker in 1957. This classic pairing of two of Salinger’s most popular stories was published in 1961. Of course, Franny and Zooey are the two youngest [...]

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Added on July 19, 2014

Zooey J.D. Salinger, New Yorker Magazine, New York, May 4, 1957 Many people think that Zooey is Salinger’s finest work — certainly one of his finest. Salinger incorporates Zen Buddhism and Eastern religious philosophy all throughout this brilliant novella involving members of Salinger’s fictitious Glass family. This New Yorker magazine is the true first printing of [...]

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Never Mind

Added on June 22, 2014

Never Mind Edward St. Aubyn Heinemann, U.K. 1992 When I first discovered this debut novella, there was virtually no information on the web about it. Now that St. Aubyn has nine works of fiction published and has garnered worldwide recognition, there are a plethora of articles and reviews. Added to his later stories Bad News [...]

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The Testamant of Mary

Added on October 14, 2013

The Testament of Mary Colm Toibin Viking, London, 2012 Toibin is at his the top of his game in this bold portrait of Mary, mother of Jesus. Far from the loving, silent virgin mother of the bible, Toibin humanizes her. He transforms Mary through her feelings of guilt, her distrust of Jesus’ disciples, and her [...]

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The Old Man and the Sea

Added on August 1, 2013

The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway Scribner’s, U.S.A. 1952 The Old Man and the Sea came out two years after Across the River and Into the Trees, Hemingway’s most negatively reviewed novel. It seems the reviewers were still on a negative slant when The Old Man and the Sea was published. Many of [...]

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Seymour: An Introduction

Added on October 28, 2012

Seymour: An Introduction J.D. Salinger New Yorker Magazine, June 6, 1955, New York This is the true first edition of Salinger’s stream of conscious narrative Seymour: An Introduction. This is one of Salinger’s Glass family stories in which Seymour’s brother, Buddy, tells the story of Seymour, who committed suicide eleven years earlier in the story [...]

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Goodbye, Columbus

Added on March 2, 2012

Goodbye, Columbus Philip Roth Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1959 Goodbye, Columbus is Philip Roth’s first work of fiction. It consists of the title work — a short novel — and five short stories. Roth was awarded a Literary Fellowship before this book was published, and it won the National Book Award in 1960. Many reviewers [...]

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Lunar Caustic

Added on November 10, 2011

Lunar Caustic Malcolm Lowry Jonathan Cape, London, 1971 An unfinished masterpiece, Lunar Caustic was published posthumously as a novella. Lowry had meant to build it layer by meaningful layer into a novel, which was to be one of a sequence of seven novels that Lowry envisioned called The Voyage That Never Ends. Of course, Lowry [...]

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