Parker Jotter Premier 50th Anniversary Edition

Added January 19, 2015
  • Parker Jotter Premier 50th Anniversary Edition Ballpoint Pens
parker-prem_-saffron parker-prem_-licorice

2004 marked the 50th anniversary of the Parker Jotter pen. The first Jotter pens had either all nylon barrels or were all stainless steel. And, rather than the now ubiquitous arrow clip which came out slightly later, they had what they called the trough clip. The Jotter was far superior to any ballpoint pen on the market thus far. The refills worked great, wrote many times longer, and came in 3 nib sizes. parker-prem_-saffron-box_

Parker sold 3.5 million Jotters in the first year of production. Besides the clips, several other changes were made over the years. The nylon barrels were soon switched to plastic and the tips were protected with stainless steel. Probably the most important development, however, was the tungsten carbide tipped refill, which was introduced in 1957. These tips gripped the paper better and are still in use today.

parker-prem_-licorice-box_ To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Jotter, this sterling silver edition was made. They were for sale only through 2004 and produced in limited numbers.

They were designed with a 1950′s flavor and came in a matching, classy metal box within a cardboard outer box. They came in the 2 colours shown here.

The saffron colour was slightly less popular that the licorice when they first came out. Now, it seems the saffron is more in demand.

They sold new for about $125. Today, the average price for a mint pen with all the packaging and paperwork intact is between $300 to $500. parker-prem_-box-2 They can be found through on-line sellers and on eBay, although they are now quite scarce. If you are patient, these can occasionally be found on eBay for less than $300.

Prices keep rising as mint examples become harder to find.