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Added November 2, 2010
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other-collections-toaster-1 I wonder how many book collectors collect other things. Personally, I have collected books all my life, but I have also had many other ‘phases’ that I have gone through.

There was the toaster phase. Check out my two favourites: the 1940 Toast-o-lator on the left and the 1960 Sunbeam down on the right. The Toast-o-lator draws the bread past the burners on a conveyor belt. And the Japanese-style Sunbeam is made from three thin layers of pyrex glass, each layer individually painted to add to the total design. other-collections-grouping-1

For a while, I collected bakelite and Depression glass salt and pepper shakers. The ridged Manhattan clear Depression glass shakers shown on the right side of the Sunbeam toaster photo are among the most sought-after of their type.

Bakelite salt and pepper shakers are especially popular, because you have the people who collect anything bakelite as well as the people who collect all kinds of salt and pepper shakers. When a variety of collectors are interested in the same thing, generally the value has nowhere to go but up. The Eames era conical shakers shown in front of the Sunbeam toaster have bakelite bases.

other-collections-dinky_-chrysler-airflow For several years I collected Dinky Toy cars made between the 1930′s and the 1950′s. The oldest ones and the ones in their original packaging are the most valuable. This Chrysler Airflow with its original white tires is a pre-war model, and values on these go up to $850 today on eBay.


I collect other things too. Like Hatology jazz CD’s, jazz records, and hand-made glass marbles. Here is a beauty by Oregon glass artist Kevin Nail. He calls it a wig-wag box marble, and that is a piece of black opal suspended in the middle of the box.