On Collecting

Added September 19, 2012
  • On Collecting

other-collections-grouping-1 Many people with the collecting bug collect more than just one thing. If you feel that your collecting habit might be more like a genetically inherited trait rather than a simple hobby, then you probably cannot stop at collecting books.

For me, books have been a major interest my whole adult life. But I have had other phases too.

For instance, I have 125 vintage toasters, from the 1908 Simplex to the 1960 glass-sided Sunbeam model A-TA (shown above). Oh, people laugh when I tell them about the toasters. But when they actually see them, they begin to understand. other-collections-toaster-1 It is like looking a history of 20th century design in chrome and bakelite.

This rare beast to the right is called the toast-o-lator — the only toaster ever made that pulls the bread past the element on a conveyor belt. other-collections-dinky-toy-1

Then there came the Dinky Toy phase. I have some very early ones and some in their original boxes.

Next, hand-made art glass marbles. Some of these marbles are made by using the fumes from precisely heated gold and silver to create ghostly shades of colour from blue to green and everything in between. Some have opals embedded in them.


Then records, salt and pepper shakers, teak….

I have started posting articles about some of the pens I have collected, after all where would writers be without pens? But mostly I write about books.