Ms. Parker Rollerball Pen

Added September 16, 2012
  • Ms. Parker Rollerball Pen

This is a rare Ms. Parker Rollerball pen in its original case with instructions and a leatherette pen pouch. These pens do not often come up for sale on eBay, and I don’t think I have ever seen another one in mint condition with all its original accoutrements.

ms-parker-sleeve The Ms. Parker was only available from 1979 to 1981 and came out as a rollerball, a felt tip, and a fountain pen. There were a couple of different styles. While they are all brushed stainless steel, where this one has ridges on the gold ring where the cap meets the barrel, the other one is smooth. It is one of the few pens made by Parker with no clip.

This model never really caught on – thus the short production run.

There are none of these for sale today on eBay, and they rarely come up for sale. So, it is hard to give a value. It is also hard to say whether one of the styles is more rare than the other. I have never seen the fountain pen version for sale, and I am quite sure that Parker no longer makes the felt tip refills – although the rollerball refill may be the same size as the felt tip refill. ms-parker-cap_-off_

A common problem with these is that the gold plating at the tip of the pen is easily damaged and sometimes peels and blisters. Also, the black coating on the barrels is often damaged.

If I were to guess at a value for this particular set, I would say around $200. These vintage Ms. Parkers, although very rare, have not really caught on yet with collectors either, otherwise my guess at a value might be much higher.