Mont Blanc Turbo Ballpoint Pen

Added June 22, 2012
  • Mont Blanc Turbo Ballpoint Pen

This is one of my favourite vintage pens. The Mont Blanc Turbo collection came out in three formats: the ballpoint, the rollerball, and the fountain pen. Unlike most Mont Blanc models, the Turbo never came out as a pencil.

The Turbo ballpoint pen works with a twist mechanism. turbo-box_

They only came out for a short period, from the late 70′s to the early 80′s. They were one of the last ballpoints to take the earlier style of refill, which were about an inch longer than current Mont Blanc refills. There is no problem though, as the current refill can be fitted with a pop-in extender, and the extenders are reusable and not too hard to find.

turbo-barrel I love the style of this model. The pock-marked grip section is comfortable to hold. The weight is nicely balanced. The brushed aluminum top section looks great, and the rounded Mont Blanc emblem at the top, along with the unusual clip, is kitchy.

These Turbo pens show up on eBay from time to time, but rarely in their original boxes. In fact, eBay is about the only place to find these pens, and today there are two for sale: a fountain pen and a ballpoint. Both in good condition, but without their original packaging, are selling for about $200. turbo-clip_

This pen, in mint condition, with its original plastic case and the original instructions and warranty might go for around $300+.

You sometimes see these pens in lesser condition going for between $75 and $150. Some common issues are bent clips, chipped plastic, and chrome plating peeling from the tip.

Mont Blanc pens are not always the highest quality luxury pens out there, but they are very much sought after by collectors.