Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set

Added May 6, 2015
  • Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set
  • Gold Trim

mont-blanc_-meisterstuck-set_ There are many versions of the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck line available. Besides also having fountain pens and rollerball pens, they come in burgundy as well as black resin, and the metal parts can be gold or platinum plated. They also come in all stainless steel and all platinum plated, as well as stainless caps and resin barrels.

There are three different sizes in the resin Meisterstuck line — the ones in this set are the medium and most popular size. The large version are called LeGrande, and they take the regular refills. The smaller version is called the Mozart collection, and they take a much smaller refill. mont-blanc_-meisterstuck-set_-box_

Although these are still made today, this set is vintage (circa mid 70′s to early 80′s) in the original box. As you can see in the photo, it also comes with its original exterior cardboard box. The set, as well as the boxes, show minimal wear.

There is only one similar boxed set for sale on eBay today, and the buy it now price is just over $1,000. In my opinion, seeing that you can buy the individual pieces brand new for around $450 or so each, a more reasonable price would be $500 to $700, depending on condition. mont-blanc_-meisterstuck-caps_ I would put this set toward the top of the price range — say, $650.

Prices keep rising for these. It is getting harder and harder to find nice vintage sets in their original boxes. If you are looking for a vintage set like this, it pays to keep an eye on eBay. From time to time they do come up at more reasonable prices.

In terms of condition, a few things to watch out for are: scratched or cracked resin parts; worn or chipped plating; mont-blanc_-meisterstuck-band_ loose clips; and worn down or damaged threads. Also, the pencil caps should be nice and tight and the leads should hold tightly and extend smoothly.

The ballpoint refills for Mont Blanc Meisterstuck pens are very high quality, smooth and dark. They come in black or blue and with 3 different widths. Although there are several generic brands available for Mont Blanc ballpoints, it is worth it to buy the name brand ones. You can get pencils with either .05 or.07 mm leads.


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