McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern # 7

Added June 30, 2016
  • McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern # 7
  • Michael Chabon, Various Contributors
  • McSweeney’s, U.S.A. 2001

mcsweeneys-quarterly-7-booklets This edition of McSweeney’s Quarterly contains nine booklets with original stories by Kevin Brockmeier, Michael Chabon (Further Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), Ann Cummins, Courtney Eldridge, A.M. Homes, Heidi Julavits, J.T. Leroy, Allan Seager, William T. Vollmann and Chris Ware.

Kevin Brockmeier’s story The Ceiling went on to win the O. Henry Award and was chosen for inclusion in Best American Stories 2003.

The booklet Further Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is signed on the title page by Michael Chabon, who has also drawn in his escapist key symbol. mcsweeneys-quarterly-7-chabon-signature

This edition is said to have had the smallest print run of all the McSweeney’s Quarterly’s thus far. The cover art on most of these booklets is very unique. Indeed, the whole issue is unique. The booklets are wrapped in a raw cardboard cover and held together with a huge rubber band.

mcsweeneys-quarterly-7-chabon-story_ The booklets included in this copy are all in fine condition. The wrap-around cover is near fine. It is next to impossible to find a copy where the cover is in fine condition, because the rubber band causes crimping and other damage.

There is only one copy for sale today on AbeBooks, signed on the cover by Dave Eggers in his role as publisher, priced at $150.

Generally, the more booklets signed, the higher the price. There was recently a copy available online in which all the booklets were signed. At almost $400 it was actually a very good deal. mcsweeneys-quarterly-7-front_-cover_

With Chabon’s decorated signature, I think this copy would sell for at least $250.

Be careful if you’re buying a copy on-line. Ask for photos to check for condition problems. And make sure all nine booklets are included. There are quite a few of these for sale with stories missing, and the sellers don’t always mention (or even necessarily know) that the collection for sale is incomplete.


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