Life Shrinkage, The New Guy, Odette’s Appointment

Added October 5, 2016
  • Life Shrinkage, The New Guy, Odette’s Appointment
  • James P. Reynolds
  • Crack the Spine Literary Journal, U.S.A. August 2012
  • Inner Voices, Outer Lives, New York, 2014

outer-voices-inner_-lives_-cover_ Having so far written over 300 posts about other people’s fiction, I am now going to showcase a little of my own.¬†

Life Shrinkage, one of my flash fiction stories, is included in the LGBTQ anthology, ‘Outer Voices Inner Lives,’ a collection featuring writers over 50, edited by Mark McNeese and Stephen Dolainski. It was a Lambda Literary Award Anthology finalist in 2015. You can purchase this in print or in ebook format here.

Life Shrinkage takes place in the near future. It portrays a character with an intellectual disability 20-odd years after his release from one of our draconian institutions, where he was held for decades. It is meant to show how far people with disabilities can come, living in the community and given caring and meaningful support — support with a focus on self determination and the building of unpaid networks of friends and family. crack-the_-spine_-38

I have had two stories published by ‘Crack the Spine,’ an on-line literary journal. One of these, The New Guy, was published¬† in August, 2012. It shares the same protagonist as in Life Shrinkage, but takes place back in 1989, just a few short weeks after his release from institutional care. I hope that it shows, behind a veil of humor, the damage that the institutions did (and in some cases, are still doing) to our most vulnerable citizens. The New Guy can be read here.

Odette’s Appointment is one of my longer stories. It is a recent featured short story on It can be read here. This piece tells the story of a 1980′s older Mom who, partly because of a traumatic family incident when she was a girl, has a hard time coming to terms with her sister’s effeminate fiance and her son’s poorly masked homosexuality.

crack-the_-spine_-19 If you like my website, I hope you will read these stories. If you enjoy the stories, perhaps you will consider leaving a comment or sharing them on social media. You can comment on Amazon for ‘Outer Voices Inner Lives,’ as well.

Please check out and These two websites celebrate the creativity and diversity of LGBT folks over 50, but there is plenty to inspire and interest people of all ages.

Crack the Spine publishes cutting edge fiction, non-fiction and poetry on-line weekly and in print quarterly.


P.S. ¬† I have also written two novels and a collection of short fiction which I hope to publish in the near future. If you’re a publisher and you like my stories, contact me!

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