Just Before the War with the Eskimos

Added November 3, 2012
  • Just Before the War with the Eskimos
  • J.D. Salinger
  • New Yorker Magazine, N.Y. June 5, 1948

just-before-the_-war_-with-the_-eskimos-new_-yorker-front_-cover_ Just Before the War with the Eskimos first came out in this 1948 New Yorker magazine, but is probably better known as one of the stories from Salinger’s 1953 collection Nine Stories.

After Salinger’s death in 2010, a number of these New Yorkers with his stories in them came onto the market (at somewhat inflated prices). This glut quickly settled down, and now many of them are again impossible to find. just-before-the_-war_-with-the_-eskimos-new_-yorker-story_-close_-up_

There are a couple of copies of this issue available today on-line, both with moderate condition issues, both valued at about two hundred dollars.

These old magazines very commonly have problems such as: loose covers or middle pages; torn or chipped covers; clipped cartoons; torn or browned inner pages. Because they were  mailed folded, the front cover crease is almost ubiquitous, as are address labels. These issues affect the value somewhat, but not as much as they would for newer magazines and books. just-before-the_-war_-with-the_-eskimos-new_-yorker-back_-cover_

If, however, any of the Salinger story is missing, the price plummets from $200+ to less than $50. Be sure to ask on-line sellers about whether the story is intact. It is always smart to ask for clear photos, and always buy from trustworthy sellers.

You can sometimes find these Salinger New Yorkers for sale on eBay, but keep in mind that eBay sellers do not always know as much about books and magazines as on-line booksellers from sites like AbeBooks and BookFinder.

This particular magazine is in very good condition. It does not have the front cover crease or address label. There is some minor chipping along the spine and light rubbing on the dark rear cover cigarette ad (very common), but the inside is very well preserved. I would price this copy at about $250.


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