Good to a Fault

Added December 14, 2011
  • Good to a Fault
  • Marina Endicott
  • Broadview Press, Canada, 2008

In her Giller Prize remarks about Good to a Fault, Margaret Atwood said, “There’s heartbreak, there’s joy, there are parts where you cry—and it’s very high quality writing. Well done!”

This unique and brilliant novel was longlisted for the IMPAC Award, shortlisted for the Giller Prize, and it won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize.

Booklist reviewer Carol Haggas said this in her Starred Review: “Probing the moral and emotional minefield of heroic Samaritan acts, Endicott’s enchanting and poignant novel of compassion run amok handles provocative issues with a deft and winsome touch.”

good-to_-a-fault_-copy_ This paperback original with french flaps is a true first edition in fine condition. Broadview Press is a smaller publisher, so the first print run would be relatively small. These are quite rare, but at the moment, they are not expensive. An unsigned copy like this runs about $45 on-line today, even though there are only a handful available. Signed copies start at about $55 and go up to about $140.

The Giller Prize nominee bug on the cover might lower the value of this copy slightly compared to a true first without the bug.

Endicott is just breaking through outside of Canada. Although Good to a Fault is her second novel, it is the first one to be published in the States. She has a new novel out called The Little Shadows. Early reviews are glowing. If this new book is as good as her others, she has a good chance of becoming well known throughout the world. And then the value of this rare edition will surely rise.

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