For Esme — With Love and Squalor

Added May 20, 2013
  • For Esme — With Love and Squalor
  • J.D. Salinger
  • World Review Magazine, U.K. August, 1950

world-review-for_-esme_-front_-cover_ Time magazine called For Esme — With Love and Squalor “the warmest and best of the¬†Nine Stories”. It was an instant huge success; according to Wikipedia, Salinger received more fan mail for it than for any other story.

It first came out in the April 8, 1950 New Yorker magazine, and within three months it was reproduced in this British World Review magazine.

Above the story in the World Review, the editor wrote, “This story appeared recently in America and has already become famous. It has been called a perfect example of the classic short story form. I thought readers of the World Review might like to form their own opinion.” world-review-for_-esme_-story_

I have only ever seen three copies of this edition of the World Review magazine for sale, ever. Currently, there are none available on-line.

The true first edition is the above noted New Yorker magazine, which also happens to be much easier to find. Over the years you see the New Yorkers come up for sale fairly regularly.

Still, the World Review is worth maybe one fifth the value of the New Yorker.

world-review-glue_-damage I would give this magazine a good to good plus condition rating. The cover, which is prone to fading, is still quite bright, although the same cannot be said for the spine. Also, the glue used along the spines of these very cheaply made magazines actually eats through the paper over time. I do not think there are any copies out there without at least some glue damage along the spine.

The interior of this copy though, besides some tanning of the page edges, is very nice. And it still has its original subscription card tucked inside.

Look closely at the paper the story is printed on. Doesn’t it conjure up visions of dollar store colouring books?

All in all, this is an extremely rare version of Salinger’s classic story¬†For Esme — With Love and Squalor, but as I said, even though these World Review magazines are very scarce, the odd time they do come up they are usually been very reasonably priced.

The condition issues I talked about are so ubiquitous that they shouldn’t make much difference to the value. In fact, red flags should go up if you were to find one for sale without any condition issues.

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