Fisher Space Pen – Sterling Silver

Added November 24, 2013
  • Fisher Space Pen – Sterling Silver

fisher-space_-pen_-silver-in_-box_ Here is an unusual pen. It is typical of the Fisher Space Pen in that it takes the same pressurized refills, which are famous for being “The Pen the Astronauts Use.” They write at any angle, including upside-down. It is the same basic shape as the original model of Space Pen.

But that is where the similarity ends. This model is made of solid .925 sterling silver. This one is lightly engraved, as you can see in the photos. There was also a sterling model with heavier, but similar, engraving, and a smooth model. All came with a sterling necklace attached to the cap end of the pen. fisher-space_-pen_-silver-cap_-off_-close_-up_

These pens come up from time to time on eBay and sell for around $100 to $150. This model and the smooth model seem to be the most prevalent. The more heavily engraved model does not appear as often, and thus fetches the most money. Of interest, they almost always seem to come in their original velvet clam shell cases. However, expect to pay a bit more if the original silver cardboard outer box is included.

fisher-space_-pen_-silver-cap_-off_-with_-chain_ This pen, in perfect condition and including both the inner and outer box, along with the original instructions, would be near the top of the value range above.

This model, sold in sterling silver with a necklace attached, was clearly aimed at introducing their pen to the women’s market. Women had not been huge consumers of the Space Pen previously. Although this model is no longer produced, Fisher has a new sterling Space Pen, which is a standard twist action, ‘diamond faceted’ model.