Jack Kerouac

On The Road – The Original Scroll

Added on November 23, 2014

On The Road – The Original Scroll Jack Kerouac Viking, U.S.A. 2007 For the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of On The Road, Viking put out this Original Scroll edition. This 2007 edition was the first time the controversial, unedited, and uncensored original manuscript was published. In 1951, Kerouac, reportedly on a constant amphetamine high, wrote [...]

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On The Road

Added on November 17, 2012

On the Road Jack Kerouac Signet, U.S.A. 1958 I love the beatnik cover art on this first paperback edition of On The Road. This is the stated first printing which came out about a year after the Viking true first hardcover edition. According to the New York Times this book is ”the most beautifully executed, the [...]

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