Caran D’Ache Madison Pen & Pencil Set

Added July 3, 2013
  • Caran D’Ache Madison Pen & Pencil Set

madison-sterling-set_-box_-intructions This pen and pencil set, circa the late 1970′s, is made of sterling silver. They are in their original box and have the original instructions and guarantee which tucks into a special sleeve in the top of the clam shell case. The set even has its original hang tag.

This style of the Madison line is no longer produced, so pristine sets like this are getting hard to come by.  Besides sterling silver, they also came in  silver plate, gold plate, silver plate with gold highlights, and stainless steel, with or without gold highlights. A fountain pen was also available in this style. madison-set_-tops_

The Madison ballpoint pens all take the Caran D’Ache giant refill, the best refills available – at least they are my favourite. This pencil takes .07 leads, but there are also pencils which take an .05 lead.

The new style of the Madison line comes in a variety of materials as well, but it now includes a version with a metal cap and a plastic barrel and a solid gold version. The new line runs between $200 per piece for the plastic model up to $12,000 for a solid gold model.

madison-sterling-set_-pencil There are no vintage sterling silver Madison items available on eBay today, either single or in sets, but because they are the most valuable of all the earlier Madison models, I would price this set at maybe $600 to $700 today.

The silver on these is heavy and molded tightly to a brass body, so they are generally pretty durable. They can be dented though, and one should take it easier on them than on the virtually indestructible stainless steel model, but Caran D’Ache sterling pens are surely one of the most sturdy of all the vintage luxury brands.