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Added March 29, 2016
  • Canadian Poetry Magazine Volume II Numbers 1 and 2
  • Malcolm Lowry
  • Canadian Authors’ Association, Canada, 1947

canadian-poetry-magazine-1947-front_-covers These two old magazines both contain poems by Malcolm Lowry. Number 1 has Sestina in a Cantina. Number 2 has Old Freighter in an Old Port, Port Moody, and Indian Arm.

These magazines were very cheaply manufactured; mimeographed on low quality paper with heavy construction-type paper covers stapled on – covers which extend on three sides about a centimetre beyond the text pages. canadian-poetry-magazine-1947-sestina Thus it is very common to see moderate to heavy wear along those edges.

canadian-poetry-magazine-1947-old_-freighter Copies of these issues are very rare. The print run would have been miniscule. As far as I know, these two issues are the only ones with Lowry poems in them. And the poems are excellent. They came out the same year that Under the Volcano was published.

Of interest, (and as hinted at in the poem titles in Number 2) at the time these magazines came out, Lowry had been living in a squatter’s shack on the north shore of British Columbia’s Burrard Inlet for 8 years. canadian-poetry-magazine-1947-back_-covers

I would rate Number 1 in very good condition, the only issue being moderate edge wear on the back cover. Number 2 is in near fine condition with the covers lightly folded where they overlap the text block. They have been kept in archival plastic for many years now. The inside pages of both issues are surprisingly bright and clean. Number 2 came with a subscription form (shown below) tipped in.

canadian-poetry-magazine-1947-subscription-info_ There are only three of these magazines altogether on AbeBooks today; two of Number 2 and one of Number 1. I was surprised to see that the range of prices was only $20 to $35 each. Although all the available copies have condition issues,  the prices seem to be  based on relative condition. I would guess that Number 1 shown here would set you back about $30 and Number 2 perhaps $50. If you are a Lowry collector, now is the time to buy.

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