Amulet — ARC

Added January 16, 2012
  • Amulet — ARC
  • Roberto Bolano
  • New Directions, New York, 2006

Here is an advance review copy of Amulet, Bolano’s first short novel to come out in English after his epic masterpiece The Savage Detectives. It was originally published in Spain in 1999.

The main character of Amulet appeared first in The Savage Detectives.

From the publisher: A tour de force, Amulet is a highly charged first-person, semi-hallucinatory novel that embodies in one woman’s voice the melancholy and violent recent history of Latin America.

These advance review copies are very rare. Today, there are none for sale on-line. The true first hardcover editions are no longer available in stores, and they are also getting more difficult to find. amulet-arc_-back_-cover_-2

A fine/fine true first hardcover will set you back about $135, but if you are willing to accept even very minor condition issues the prices drop significantly.

This copy I would value at $200+ today. But over time the value of these advance review copies is sure to rise significantly. Bolano, who died from a long-term illness at the age of 50, was one of the greatest writers of his time, and I strongly believe that his work will stand the test of time. amulet-arc_-copy_

Beware, however. These paperback ARC’s are very cheaply put together, and there are several common condition issues. The covers are paper, not card, so scuffing, folds and rips are almost ubiquitous. And because the covers don’t provide much protection, interior damage is also more common.

If you are thinking of buying a copy on-line, ask for clear photos. And when you get the book, immediately put it into an archival sleeve.

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